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Tech4Eva Expert Talks

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July 23, 2021






About the Event

Join us and discuss implications for your start-up or venture!

The Expert Talks are part of the Tech4Eva Focus Group on the topic of Menopause, Incontinence and Period Health. Moderated by Marta Gehring - MIP Focus Group lead facilitator - these events are open to the public.

The July 23rd event is intended to share insights on how innovators can arrive at a solid understanding of their target consumer (3:00 PM talk). In the second talk, we look at ways in which this understanding can be used to communicate on a meaningful level (3:40 PM talk) so as to engage consumers and move them from awareness to consideration, and then to adoption faster.

After all, the single requirement for start-up success is customers!

Event Agenda

3-3:20 pm - The Heuristics of Choice
How using behavioural science in PMR (Primary Market Research) can give you an unfair advantage in building a successful brand
Tim Browne, Head of Research EU
- Planning Shop International, HealthCare Market Research - London, UK

3:20-3:40 pm - Q&A

3:40-4:00pm - Storytelling: why it matters and how to do it
Delivering purpose driven storytelling with a clear call to action
Sarah Baldwin, Co-Founder and Communications Director
- Shine communications - Lausanne, Switzerland

4:00-4:20pm - Q&A

4:20-4:30pm - Marta Gehring, Tech4Eva, Closing comments

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