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Tech4Eva Expert Talks

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September 23, 2021






About the Event

Pricing, Reimbursement & Corporate partnering Expert Talks

Join us on September 23rd for three insightful expert talks.

Get expert recommendations on price setting methodologies for medical innovations from Expedia executive with Medtronic track record.

Learn about European Medtech reimbursement methodologies and the emerging reimbursement landscape for health apps. Finally, take this opportunity to hear from Procter & Gamble Health and extend your understanding of corporate partnership opportunities.

Event Agenda: from 2:30pm to 4:30pm

  • Thinking strategically about price (15 min and 15min Q&A)
    Different ways to set prices - How to think about pricing strategy, and how to implement it.
    Jan Krasnodebski - Global Advanced Analytics and Pricing Leader, Expedia Group

  • Health Tech Market Access in Europe (15 min and 15min Q&A)
    What you need to know about Medtech market access in Germany, France and UK. Challenges and opportunities.
    Brigitte Casteels - CEO and co-founder, BC Consulting and Solutions Sarl
  • Managing innovation during and after an acquisition at P&G Healthcare (15 min and 15min Q&A)
    Taking a close look at corporate management when integrating acquisitions.
    Jérôme Michaud - Initiative Operations Head, Europe Health Care, Procter & Gamble
  • Group discussion and key takeaway

The Tech4Eva Expert Talks are spin-off events organised by Marta Gehring, start-ups’ mentor and facilitator of the Tech4Eva Focus Group on Menopause, Incontinence and Period Health. Various field specialists are invited to share their experiences, insights and recommendations and discuss how their field knowledge is (or can be) applied to specific femtech-related cases. The Expert Talks will take place sporadically throughout the year and are open to the public - registration is required.

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