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Tech4Eva Focus Group - Menopause, Incontinence and Period Health

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December 1, 2021






About the Event

Working on Menopause, Incontinence or Period Health.

Are you a start-up developing solutions in the area of Menopause, Incontinence or Period Health? Are you a corporate or expert working in this area? Do you want to join us in co-creating joint solutions through an open innovation approach, learn collaboration tools and meet top industry experts?  And all of it completely free of charge?

We are delighted to invite you to the sixth session of the Tech4Eva Menopause, Incontinence, and Period Health Focus Group, dedicated to consolidating the learning and taking decisions to support the development of your venture.

What have we done so far?

The Menopause, Incontinence, and Period Health Focus Group’s goals have been to create a learning community, better understand target consumers, help refine product-market fit, and ultimately drive investor interest with your compelling value proposition and business plan.

To this effect, our FG team sessions have looked at disease dynamics and growth strategies, and have been combined with expert talks:

  • Market research (what drives my customer decisions?)
  • Effective story telling (how to engage today’s online audiences?)
  • Market access (strategic options for your market access)
  • Pricing strategy (value-based pricing for my innovation)
  • Market tests (To make better decisions, start testing)

And now? This is the time for participating Start-Ups to consider the learning and take implementation decisions about how they are going to put these learnings to action..

Join our December 1 session 3 –5PM (CET) The SO WHAT’s of Tech4EVA: Lessons learnt and implications for business development moderated by Marta Gehring.

“Learning is only valuable when applied”! Each of our participants has been exposed to a myriad of ideas, concepts and business strategies that can clearly impact business development plans. Accordingly, this session is focused on sharing the learning.  

Participating start-ups will be given an opportunity to share updated strategy, get comments and suggestions from peers, and learn from each other’s experiences. Join us on Dec 1.

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