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Tech4Eva Focus Group - Pregnancy

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August 30, 2021






About the Event

We are thrilled to invite you to join the second session of the Tech4Eva Pregnancy Focus Group. The objective of the Focus Groups in the Tech4Eva program is to foster collaborations between start-ups, experts and corporates. We will be hosting a number of online sessions in the period from June to December 2021, tackling issues, challenges and opportunities in regard to pregnancy - everybody is welcome to join the session!

What is new? What is next? Who are the start-ups focusing on pregnancy? What is their expectation/need?

Pregnancy and Post-partum- it's not just the destination it's the journey

If you are interested in mapping the stakeholders and understanding how you fit into the pregnancy and post-partum journey, join us for our next event!

It will be a very hands on meeting in which you will work together to collectively develop a map and have a chance to position your start-up, project or idea in the big picture. It will also be an opportunity to connect and exchange amongst experts, innovators and people who have an interest in this domain.

This second online session was on August 30th - from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Beth Kyle, a user experience design specialist and researcher in pregnancy and technology will be our guest of honour for this mapping experience. Douglas Haggstrom & Laura Rio will be your facilitators. Join this journey with them!

In addition to the online video tool, a Miro board will be used to facilitate the experience - if you haven’t used it before please spend a few minutes here to get used to the tool here.

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