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Tech4Eva Roadshow - The Connection to France

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May 19, 2022






About the Event

Tech4Eva Roadshow France is partnering with INSEAD Healthcare Club for their Annual Healthcare Conference.

Empowering Healthcare through Digital Innovation
Human lifespan has been increasing over the years, thanks to the advancements in lifestyle and healthcare technology. Yet, this quantity of life years not always has translated into its quality. According to some estimates, humanity could add as many as 45 billion extra years of higher-quality life — up to six years per person. So, this daunting task would require reimagining how we view healthcare and solutions that could be sustainably scaled to create global impact while having resource constraints. Some of those solutions may lie in digital technology as it is, by its nature, flexible, scalable, and drives efficiency along the value chain.

And together with renowned Health AI\BigData experts, Digital Diagnostics/Therapeutics leaders and founders from different sectors including women’s health, oncology and many others, we will further our conversation on how technology can help us address some of the most burning and tangible gaps in healthcare today, improve outcomes and increase the quality of our lives.

Why attend?

-Learn from experts in the fields of Health AI/Big Data, Digital diagnostics, therapeutics and women's health topics

-Meet the innovative solutions of the Tech4Eva start-ups

-Hear the keynote from healthtech investor Chandra Leo, Partner at HBM Partners

Event Speakers

Chandra Leo
Partner, HBM Partners
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Julien de Salaberry
CEO & Founder, Galen Growth
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Christian Hense
COO, Universal DX
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Jose Pedro Almeida
Diagnostics AI/Big Data Expert
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Krystian Fikert
CEO & Founder, MyMind
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Augustin de Bettignies
Chairman, MPC Therapeutics
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Stephen Chick
Professor of Technology & Operations Management, INSEAD
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Steve Chick is a Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD. He was named Academic Director of INSEAD's Healthcare Management Initiative and Novartis Chair of Healthcare Management in 2008. He earned his MS and PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and his BS in Mathematics from Stanford University. Prior to joining INSEAD, he taught process modelling, simulation, and information systems as a faculty member at the University of Michigan and had worked for five years in the automotive and software industries. In the MBA program at INSEAD, he teaches the ‘Creating Value in Health’ and ‘Identifying New Business Models’ electives and has taught the Process and Operations Management core course and the Management of Services elective. He also teaches in the PhD programme. In executive education, he teaching operations strategy, improvement and innovation, and was academic director of three programs in Executive Education, the Middle East Health Leadership Programme (MEHLP), Innovating Health for Tomorrow (IHT), and Strategic Innovation for Community Health (STICH). He also designs and delivers customized executive development programs in business model innovation for health care delivery and pharmaceutical organizations.

David Stoikovitch
CEO & Co-Founder, Moona
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Wolfgang Hackl
Founder & CEO, OncoGenomX
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With over 20 years of experience in the cancer drug development industry, I am the CEO of OncoGenomX, a prediction software company that revolutionizes individualized drug-tumor matching. Our software, PredictionStar, enables prescription of more than 20 different anti-cancer drugs based on the patient's tumor profile, for certainty of therapy success before starting treatment.

As the pioneers of biology-based drug-tumor matching and the leader of reliable outcome prediction, OncoGenomX is already a trusted name among breast cancer specialists. I work closely with oncologists, clinical researchers, international clinical study groups, and business development partners to advance our mission of ending under- and overtreatment of patients, avoiding unnecessary costs, and minimizing the risk of therapy failure and liability. I am also an entrepreneur and a strategic consultant with a MD focused on Oncology, Tumor Biology, and Cancer Genetics from the University of Innsbruck. I have multiple honors and certifications in my field, including being named one of 'Europe's Top 5 Effective Leaders in Healthcare', 'Most Innovative CEO in the FemTech Industry', and 'Healthcare CEO of the Year Switzerland'.

Simone Theiss
Program Manager, EPFL Innovation Park
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Simone has 25+ years of event management, strategy, marketing, relationship building experience. She joined the EPFL Innovation Park team in 2020 and she currently manages the Tech4Eva accelerator operations and the Tech4Growth initiative.

For 16 years she built the brand/network of Tech Tour as their Managing Director leading the events team to implement 25+ tech events per year. She has a proven ability to set up well-oiled processes and leverage networks to open partnership opportunities to build a strong ecosystem by maximizing objectives and engaging all stakeholders (corporates, investors, academia, tech start-ups in all digital sectors).

Previously she worked for the University of NC in Chapel Hill, USA, implementing the new graduate student program. She also worked at SCIP as their global operations & marketing manager both in Alexandria, VA & in London, UK, where she opened and managed their branch office to establish their European presence, as well as overseeing all aspects of international conferences & tradeshows.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC, USA. She is fluent in English, French & German.

Nancy Li
Femtech University Network and INSEAD
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Event Agenda

14:00  Welcome Remarks INSEAD

Speaker: Stephen Chick, Professor of Technology & Operations Management

14:15  Opening Speech

Speaker: Julien de Salaberry, CEO & Founder, Galen Growth

14:45 Tech4Eva Initiative

Speaker: Simone Theiss, Program Manager, EPFL Innovation Park

15:00 Coffee Break INSEAD & online Tech4Eva Showcase of Selected Growth Stage Start-ups

Start-ups: Sabrina Badir of Pregnolia, Sven Mulfinger of Dana Health, Oana Gharbi of Proov, Liza Velarde of Delee, Rob Milnes of Vio Healthtech, Rebecca Sternberg of AquaFit, and Cristina Rossi of B-rayZ

15:15 Panel Discussion: "Leveraging Data & Digital Power in Diagnostics"

Speakers: Wolfgang Hackl, Founder & CEO, OncoGenomX, Christian Hense, COO, Universal DX and Jose Pedro Almeida, Diagnostics AI/Big Data Expert

16:15 Coffee Break INSEAD & online Tech4Eva Showcase of Selected Growth Stage Start-ups

Start-ups: David Stoikovitch of Moona, Tzali Cnaani of Carmel Diagnostics, Eva Galant of Hashiona, Marc Finch of PreTel, Nadia Prisant of IMMA, Ruben Molina of INNITIUS, and Hélène Guillaume Pabis of Wild AI

16:30 Panel Discussion: "Delivering Patient-Centric Care via Digital Solutions"

Speakers: Krystian Fikert, CEO & Founder, MyMind, Augustin de Bettignies, Chairman, MPC Therapeutics and David Stoikovitch, CEO & Co-Founder, Moona

Moderated by Nancy Li

17:30 Keynote Speech

Speaker: Chandra P. Leo, Partner, HBM Partners

18:00 Online Event ends

18:00 Closing Cocktail INSEAD, Blue Ocean Strategy Building

Time zone CET

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