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Tech4Eva Roadshow - The Connection to Israel

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September 5, 2023






About the Event

Join this hybrid event on September 5th to get to know the new cohort of Tech4Eva startups and to participate in engaging discussions that aim to inspire, educate, and foster connections among those passionate about advancing women's health through innovation and collaboration.

Don't miss this opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. The event will focus on the topics of Menopause Innovation and on Partnering for Success with 2 great panels given you plenty of great insights:

1) Menopause Redefined: A Panel on Transformative Innovations

Hormone therapy (HT), also known as menopausal hormone therapy, was first marketed to aging women in the 1940s. We embarked on a very slow journey into the realm of menopause care innovation. The world is slowly understanding the need for better solutions for women who spend one-third of their lives in this stage of life. More research is being done to tailor menopause care plans to individual needs and preferences and the understanding of long-term biological changes resulting from declining estrogen and progesterone levels has led to more holistic approaches in addressing menopausal challenges. We've assembled thought leaders who are at the forefront of driving change and progress in menopause-related fields to unpack the current state of menopause care innovation and discuss what is to come. How can medical research pave the way for new and effective approaches to menopause care and symptom management? What is the role of technology in creating innovative tools, apps, and platforms to support menopausal individuals? How can solutions empower women and contribute to their overall well-being? How can innovation cater to individual needs and experiences? Panelists will share success stories and lessons learned from hurdles encountered on the path to menopause care innovation and the strategies used to overcome them.

2) Accelerating Innovation in Women's Health: Partnering for Success

Given the speed of innovation in the health sector, collaboration between large companies, start-ups and academia is key to develop and launch new products and solutions. We've gathered a diverse group of experts who have successfully forged partnerships to bring groundbreaking ideas to market. From this panel, you will gain valuable insights into the intersection of law, innovation, pharmaceuticals, and startup leadership, and learn what it takes to forge successful partnerships to drive change and impact in the field of women's health. How can collaboration in women's health innovation lead to broader societal impact and improved healthcare outcomes? How can established pharmaceutical companies, payors and providers contribute to and collaborate with startups to drive innovation in women's health? What are the success stories of successful partnerships that we can learn from? What are common hurdles and setbacks in collaborative ventures and how have others overcome them? How do legal, regulatory, and ethical considerations shape partnerships in the women's health innovation ecosystem? 

Why attend:

  • Learn about women's health and menopause innovation
  • Hear about how to partner for success
  • Get insights about the ecosystem in Israel
  • Meet the innovative solutions of the Tech4Eva start-ups

More info on the 2023 cohort solutions here.

Participants from Israel will be hosted by Barnea Jaffa Lande & Co Law Office in Tel Aviv (limited capacity-first come first served), while international participants will join via zoom.


In person attendees - *if your plans change, do let us know for planning purposes

Venue: Barnea office, 58 Harakevet Street, 20th floor, Tel Aviv, Israel

Online attendees - zoom link will be shared by email confirmation

Event Speakers

Gila Tolub
Growth Advisor, Former Partner at McKinsey & Company
Full bio

I am a French-Israeli growth advisor, consultant, and speaker. Growth has always been the most important condition to survival. My work is focused on helping leaders grow their teams and their businesses. I am passionate about innovation - especially when it is in service of healthcare, equity and sustainability (with a special focus on women's health and brain health). In addition to strategy, market entry and go-to-market work, Gila regularly works with companies on sustainability, culture change, top-team effectiveness, and capability building.Outside of work, I manage a husband and four children ages 3 to 19. I enjoy reading (fiction and nonfiction), traveling and mentoring the next generation of Women leaders.

Inbar Gorelick
Associate Attorney, Barnea Jaffa Lande, Law Offices
Full bio

Inbar is an associate in our firm’s Corporate Department. Adv. Inbar Gorelick specializes in corporate and commercial law and handles a broad spectrum of complex transactions for Israeli and foreign clients. Inbar represents high-tech companies, providing them legal services throughout all stages of their development and advising them on corporate matters on an ongoing basis.

Inbar provides legal services pertaining to companies’ incorporation, complex commercial transactions, financing, and investments, including with respect to commercial agreements, licensing agreements, service agreements, R&D, manufacturing and supply agreements, internet, technology, privacy protection, intellectual property, and more.

In addition, Inbar represents investors and purchasers of high-tech companies and assists them in executing their investments and acquisitions of companies. Prior to joining our firm, Inbar worked at another leading Israeli law firm.

Liat Alon
Patient Engagement & Communication Head, Novartis
Full bio

impact.51, first Cohort, femdoc

A senior leader with more than 25 years of experience (Local & Global), in several domains like – Marketing, Business Development, Innovation, Customer Excellence, Communication, Patient Engagement & Patient Advocacy.

Liat strongly believes in patient empowerment via innovation & Digital Health technology adoption.

Rebbeca Sternberg
Co-founder & CEO, Aquafit
Full bio

BA Harvard University, MArch Rice University.

25+ years experience in innovation, design thinking, usability, media, communications, architecture, entrepreneurship.

Educator and senior lecturer in strategic design for impact.

Dr. Shiri Pergamentzev Karpol
Head of Innovation Center Unit, Clalit Health
Full bio
Dr. Noa Hovav
Family Medicine & Menopause Specialist
Full bio

Family Medicine & Menopause Specialist.

Over 20 years of experience as a Menopause  Physician.

Center Director at Dr. Kopernik's Menopause Medicine Division, Tel Aviv University. Continuing Education

Manager of a Multidisciplinary Menopause Center at Achuzat HaNasi Clinic, Rehovot. General healthcare services.

Member of the Israeli Menopause Society.

Dr. Sigal Shaklai
Senior Endocrinologist & Head of Menopause Clinic, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) & Head of Diabetes Institute, Maccabi
Full bio

Dr. Sigal Shaklai is a specialist in Internal medicine and Endocrinology. She heads the Menopause and Women's Reproductive Clinics at the Institute of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Hypertension in the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. Dr. Shaklai also heads the Jaffa Diabetes Institute at Maccabi HMO.

Dr. Shaklai graduated with honors from Tel Aviv University Medical School, specialized in Internal medicine at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and in Endocrinology at the Sheba Tel-Hashomer Medical Center. She also holds a PhD in molecular genetics from the Tel- Aviv University.

Her research, published in peer-reviewed journals, focuses on the interface between metabolism and female reproduction and in recent years, she has joined forces with AI specialists looking into disease prediction using internet based language models. She is a member of the Israeli, American and European Endocrine Societies, the International Menopause Society, and is a board member of the Israeli Menopause Society.

Beatrice Chemla
CEO & Co-Founder, IMMA Health
Full bio
Simone Theiss
Program Manager, EPFL Innovation Park
Full bio

Simone has 25+ years of event management, strategy, marketing, relationship building experience. She joined the EPFL Innovation Park team in 2020 and she currently manages the Tech4Eva accelerator operations and the Tech4Growth initiative.

For 16 years she built the brand/network of Tech Tour as their Managing Director leading the events team to implement 25+ tech events per year. She has a proven ability to set up well-oiled processes and leverage networks to open partnership opportunities to build a strong ecosystem by maximizing objectives and engaging all stakeholders (corporates, investors, academia, tech start-ups in all digital sectors).

Previously she worked for the University of NC in Chapel Hill, USA, implementing the new graduate student program. She also worked at SCIP as their global operations & marketing manager both in Alexandria, VA & in London, UK, where she opened and managed their branch office to establish their European presence, as well as overseeing all aspects of international conferences & tradeshows.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC, USA. She is fluent in English, French & German.

Nahama Caspi
Innovation, Bayer Israel
Full bio

7 years of experience at Bayer, with a focus on pharma and connecting the dots between Israeli technology and global needs.

Involved in the local ecosystems, helping to bridge the gap between Israeli innovation and the global pharmaceutical market.

Passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems, and committed to building a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Event Agenda

Time zone CET

16:00 Tech4Eva Welcome

Speaker: Simone Theiss, Program Manager, EPFL Innovation Park & Tech4Eva

16:05 Welcome & Setting the Stage

Speaker: Gila Tolub, Growth Advisor, Former Partner at McKinsey & Company

16:10 Tech4Eva Showcase of 2023 Cohort 8 Start-ups

Start-ups: Predilife, MIM Fertility, Beyond Genomix, Manina Medtech, NuroKor Femtech, Samphire Neuroscience, Wake Up Pelvic, and Hale

16:30 Panel Discussion on "Accelerating innovation in menopause"

Speakers: Rebecca Sternberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Aquafit, Dr. Sigal Shaklai, Senior Endocrinologist & Head of Menopause Clinic, Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) & Head of Diabetes Institute, Maccabi and Dr. Noa Hovav, Specialist in Menopause

Moderator: Liat Alon, Patient Engagement & Communication Head, Novartis Israel and impact.51

17:00 Panel Discussion on "Partnering for Success"

Speakers:  Nahama Caspi, Innovation at Bayer Israel, Dr. Shiri Pergamentzev Karpol, Head of the Innovation Center Unit of Clalit Health, Inbar Gorelick, Associate at Barnea and Beatrice Chemla, CEO & Co-founder at IMMA Health

Moderator: Gila Tolub, Growth Advisor, Former Partner at McKinsey & Company

17:40 Tech4Eva Showcase of 2023 Cohort 8 Start-ups

Start-ups: Adira Health, LumaWomb, Egal Pads, Ru Medical, Healthy Longer, Hyivy, Palpa, and Neuraura

17:56 Closing Remarks (end of online session)

18:00 Networking Drinks (in person)

Time zone CET - agenda subject to changes

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