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Program Duration 9 months

Tech4Eva Roadshow - The Connection to Korea

June 8, 2022






About the Event

The influence of the cultural context and tech developments for women wellbeing

For this year’s Swiss-Korean Innovation Week on the theme of “diversity”, Tech4Eva is partnering with the Science and Technology Office and Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea and invites you to attend this hybrid event.

FemTech is a term applied to a broad range of technologies dedicated to women’s health and wellbeing, e.g. fertility/pregnancy, female oncology, period/menopause health.

There are still health disparities caused by the “gender data gap” (lack of female data or male-bias), taboos around the open discussion of female health issues and misinterpretation of the term FemTech as “women in tech”. That is why it is especially important to highlight this rapidly expanding industry (market value estimated to be worth USD 50 billion by 2025 ) and its social importance.

Tech4Eva’s 2022 program kicked off in April and will last 9 months. Among selected start-ups, which will all be receiving mentorship by experts and specialized workshops, those interested and with potential in the Korean market will have the opportunity to pitch during the public roadshow event. In the weeks after the public event, follow-up meetings will be organized with Korean experts and investors.

This public event aims to raise awareness on themes directly connected to women wellbeing with reference to the cultural context. In a dialogue, experts from Korea and Switzerland will address topics like prevention, treatments and development of technologies with special attention to the psychological and regulatory aspects in the two countries. In addition, examples of latest technologies developed for women wellbeing will be highlighted by participants of the Tech4Eva Roadshow.

Event Speakers

Alessandra Apicella
Head of Science and Technology Office Seoul, Embassy of Switzerland
Dr. Chiweon Kim
Partner, Kakao Ventures & CEO, Seoul Wise Hospital
Jiwon Park
Kelly Hyunjung Shin
CEO & Founder, KINSDAY
Lan Zuo Gillet
Deputy Managing Director, EPFL Innovation Park
Dr. Peter Hwanwook Chung
Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Houm Clinic
Ji-Young Kim
CEO, StartupWomen

Event Agenda

11:00  Welcome Remarks

11:10 Tech4Eva Initiative

Speaker: Lan Zuo Gillet, PhD, Deputy Managing Director, EPFL Innovation Park

11:20 Spotlight Success Story in Korea

Speaker: Jiwon Park, Founder, SAIB

11:30 Tech4Eva Showcase of Selected Growth Stage Start-ups

11:45 Panel Discussion: "Influence of the cultural context and tech developments for Women Wellbeing"

Speakers: Peter Chung, Head Doctor, Houm Clinic, Chiweon Kim, Partner, Kakao Ventures and CEO, Seoul Wise Hospital, Ji-young Kim, CEO, StartupWomen

Moderator: Kelly Hyunjung Shin, Founder, KINSDAY

12:15 Tech4Eva Showcase of Selected Growth Stage Start-ups

12:30 Open Q&A Session

12:40 Closing Remarks

Speaker: Alessandra Apicella, Head of Science & Technology Office Seoul, Korea

12:45 Networking at Space Salim, Seoul and Networking Opportunity for those online

13:15 Online Event ends

14:00 Seoul Networking ends

Time zone CET

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