A joint program between EPFL Innovation Park and Groupe Mutuel
Call for Application 2022 Opening soon!
Next Roadshow November 17th
Program Duration 9 months
February 20, 2024

Tech4Eva launching its 4th edition and call for application

In a world where women's health and wellbeing have historically been overlooked, there's a burgeoning revolution that promises not just to address but to shatter these longstanding barriers. At the forefront of this transformative wave is Tech4Eva, a pioneering accelerator program dedicated exclusively to the Femtech sector. We are excited to announce the opening of our call for applications, inviting ambitious Femtech start-ups from around the globe to join our mission to improving women’s health.

We are searching for entrepreneurs ready to address the unmet health needs of women worldwide. Join us to bring your start-up to the next level, leveraging our network of mentors, investors, and industry leaders committed to your success. Seize this opportunity to make2024 a turning point for women's health. Apply now, and let's innovate together.

What is Tech4Eva? A growing accelerator program in FemTech.

Tech4Eva, is a joint program between EPFL Innovation Park and Groupe Mutuel for companies developing innovative technology solutions to improve women’s health globally.

What are we looking for? Innovative Femtech Solutions.

Why join? Here are the benefits for Start-ups Selected by the Accelerator:

Applying to the Tech4Eva accelerator program is a pivotal step for any Femtech start-up looking to elevate its impact and reach in the women's health sector. Here is a condensed overview of the myriad of benefits this program offers:

In essence,Tech4Eva offers a comprehensive platform for Femtech start-ups to refine their approach, gain critical visibility, connect with essential networks, and thrive within a supportive global community. $180+ Million have been raised to date by 3 Alumni cohorts and Tech4Eva is proud to have built a unique global Femtech community and to have created impact in the industry !

Here is what Alumni have to say about the program:

“Programs like Tech4Eva are a super important contribution to gender equality. Female health has been neglected for much too long and every support that founders of Femtech start-ups can get will help to close the gender health gap. Innovation in the field needs to be supported, promoted and made visible at all levels. We are very grateful for the support we receive from Tech4Eva and the mutually supportive community of fellow Femtech pioneers!” Ines Schiller, Founder of VYLD

Embr Labs has participated in many accelerators, and the Tech4Eva experience has been one of the most valuable experiences to date. In addition to excellent exposure and mentoring, it is refreshing to participate in a program that is dedicated to the Femtech space to allow companies to accelerate learning and growth. Elizabeth Gazda, CEO & Founder, Embr Labs

The Time is Now

This is more than a call for applications, it's a call to action. The Tech4Eva accelerator program offers more than growth, it offers a chance to be part of a movement set to redefine the future of women's health. If your start-up is ready to take the next step, if you are poised to make an impact, your time is now. Apply here to join the Tech4Eva program and let's shape the future of Femtech together. Deadline is March 15th.