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August 16, 2021

Advancing Women Healthcare and Wellbeing

FemTech Industry Landscape Overview 2021

A comprehensive assessment of the FemTech Industry in 2021 is provided in the recently published report “FemTech Industry Landscape Overview 2021”. This report created by Femtech Analytics highlights key observations in the industry of FemTech including its current standing, investment prospects, and direction for future prosperity. 

This in-depth analysis of the trends and developments of the FemTech industry is built on data from 1550 FemTech companies, 1000 investors in this sector, and 30 laboratories and R&D centres. (link to the full report).

There are 4 key areas analysed in the report:

1.Current Industry Landscape

a.    The FemTech Industry comprises of 14 subsectors, with the main subsectors being Pregnancy, Longevity, and Fertility, which account for48% of the total industry.

b.    The highest concentration of FemTech companies are in Pregnancy & Nursing along with Reproductive Health, while Healthcare has the most funding.

c.    From a regional distribution perspective, North America is the key global region, followed by Europe and Asia.

2.AI for FemTech

a.     Nearly 6% of all FemTech companies use AI technology, with the Reproductive Health aggregated subsector being the most prominent user.

3.Investments Overview

a.    The funding of companies in the FemTech Longevity subsector exceeds $3B in 2021, with 75% falling on the top 10 market players.

b.    Only 3% of all FemTech companies are publicly traded. By market capitalization, the largest company is Progyny ($4.75B). In the last 3 years, Hims&Hers raised the largest amount at IPO ($280M).

c.    Recent research has identified the fertility market as an extremely promising industry area: it is expected to almost double by 2026, becoming a $41.4B market.

4.Longevity in FemTech

a.    FemTech Longevity companies are engaged in the research, treatment, and diagnosis of age-related diseases and research in the field of regenerative medicine.

b.    They also offer informational, medical, and psychological assistance to women for their own Longevity.

Why is FemTech becoming so important?

Women play a pivotal role in the creation and maintenance of families, and so they are key to sustaining healthy families. The fourth wave of feminism that we are now witnessing is making this concept even more relevant. But unlike before, women are increasingly pushing for equality in all aspects of life, including the workplace and healthcare. Since more and more women are working to build their careers in their early years, they are deciding to have children later in life. This is one of the reasons they require more medical attention. More and more women are coming to see themselves as individuals with their own needs; they want to take care of their health in every sphere, including general healthcare, sexual healthcare, emotional wellbeing, pregnancy, periods, and a lot more. Meeting all these demands requires massive improvements in the women’s healthcare sector.

Being relatively young, the FemTech Industry remains largely underfunded; however, it is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years. The FemTech industry is projected to double in size to include many more areas related to women's health and technology. However, for that to happen, it will have to overcome various challenges as outlined in the report.

We analysed FemTech as a part of the longevity market. Given the recent increase in the number of FemTech companies with a core Longevity component, we predict a rise in the number of FemTech companies focused on Longevity in particular. FemTech Longevity focuses on technologies, services, and research related to extending women’s healthy lifespan. FemTech Longevity companies are engaged in research, treatment, and diagnosis of age-related diseases, as well as research in the field of regenerative medicine. They also provide information, medical, and psychological assistance to women seeking to live longer and happier lives.

Switzerland is one of the leaders in the longevity industry (according to the Life Expectancy Index 2020, ranks first in Europe in terms of life expectancy (more than 83.8 years)) and already has a vast pool of FemTech Longevity companies. Swiss medical diagnostics is recognised as one of the most accurate in the world. Swiss clinics differ from other European clinics in a higher level and quality of patient care and in being equipped with modern medical equipment. Swiss medicines are highly valued in the world market and drive the overall development of the longevity industry. Switzerland is figuratively called the "medical capital of the world". Tens of thousands of foreign patients come to the country every year, wishing to undergo medical diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in this country. The state provides financial assistance to promote the services of Swiss clinics abroad.  

We have collected data about 1550 companies operating in the FemTech market, 1000 investors, 30 Labs and R&D Centres, which are analysed by allocation, product categories, financial state, and set framework.The investment landscape that is depicted covers an overview of the leading investors in the field, major investment deals, along with M&A activities. Particular attention is paid to the most high-profile FemTech companies and investors in recent years – those developing in the area of Reproductive Health, Longevity,Healthcare, Women’s Cancers Treatment, and others. It also highlights top FemTech influencers and their contribution, and lists major events and conferences dedicated to various women’s healthcare problems over the recent years. Finally, it has information and analysis on FemTech public traded companies and the most recent IPOs in the market, focusing on their financial performance, sectors, and product offered.

By providing an in-depth analysis of the current state and the future development of the industry, the report helps to define the term "FemTech", along with its components and its market. FemTechAnalytics explores key facets of the industry: its problems, trends, innovations, technologies, market size and potential drive the market consolidation of the key players of the FemTech Ecosystem. We consider the FemTech Industry as a part of the longevity ecosystem and believe that the development of female technology contributes to the overall growth of the longevity industry.

Written by:

Maria Shmelova – Project Manager at FemTech Analytics

Maria Shmelova is Project Manager at FemTech Analytics. Throughout her professional career, she led the development of the analytical case studies for the FemTech sector. She has a major interest and passion in women's health and precision medicine. She believes that using data-driven findings help to predict and solve a problem before it is too late, but also assess methods and treatments faster, keep better track of inventory, involve patients more in their own health, and empower them with the tools.

Tanya Romanyukha – BusinessDevelopment Manager at Deep Knowledge Analytics

Tanya Romanyukha is Business Development Manager atDeep Knowledge Analytics. During her professional career in Venture Capital, she has been driving the rise of female entrepreneurs through investments. She is passionate about the femtech and longevity industry, and on a mission to consolidate ecosystem players around driving the market to grow.


About FemTech Analytics

FemTechAnalytics (FTA) is a strategic analytics agency focused on the FemTech market,which is relatively young yet already treated as the next big market disruptor.The FemTech market encompasses key sub-sectors such as Longevity for women,Mental Health & Healthy Lifestyle, Reproductive Health, and GeneralHealthcare. The range of FTA’s activities includes providing research andin-depth analysis on major areas of high potential in the FemTech Industry;maintaining profiling of companies and governmental agencies based on theirinnovation potential and business activity; and providing consulting andanalytical services to advance the FemTech sector.

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