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March 10, 2021

Fermata joins Tech4Eva Accelerator as Program Partner

Tech4Eva, is thrilled to announce that Fermata will be joining as a Program Partner of the program supporting the participants’ innovation and technology development by providing them visibility into Asian markets.

Founded in October 2019 in Japan, Fermata  is creating a market focused on elevating taboos. Their work is two-fold: to push the development of Femtech across Asia and bring Femtech products to the general public.  With offices in Singapore and Tokyo,  they are working on increasing awareness around taboos and FemTech for large companies and they offer start-ups regulatory help to enter the Asian market. Additionally, their store in Tokyo, provides an access point for the general public to discover Femtech products. 

Fermata believes the future of Femtech is already here, which is why it is so important to support the development of ideas and solutions in this space. As the market grows, more start-ups will bring solutions to what up until now have been seen as very marginalized problems or taboos.

“We are happy to be collaborating with Tech4Eva, to make the connection between Femtech start-ups from all over the world even stronger”, Amina Sugimoto, CEO & co-founder at Fermata. She sees the Femtech market and its demands very similar between Europe and Asia. For this reason the goal of the partnership is to leverage these similarities and connect both markets so both Asia and Europe can simultaneously benefit from the developments and technologies being developed.