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October 15, 2021

Guest Blog: The growth of health-tech venture investments Switzerland - by SICTIC

Despite the traveling and networking restrictions, 2020 proved to be a robust year for early-stage startup investments. Throughout Switzerland, there were a total of 304 financing rounds of Swiss tech startups, with 149 of them being early-stage, as reported by the Swiss VC Report 2021 (startupticker.ch). SICTIC Investors contributed to an impressive 54% of all early-stage tech investments, further validating SICTIC’s vital role in the Swiss tech startup ecosystem. 

The Swiss investment community is not just growing, it is becoming internationally known. With more players in the space, there is more variety of investment sizes available for a wider range of companies in various sectors. This growth has created an active ground for health-tech companies successfully raising in 2020 and 2021.

Swiss-based Inura Medical raised an undisclosed Pre-Series A investment this May. They develop solutions aiming at improving women’s health, and their first patented technology is addressing the medical need in overactive bladder (OAB).

Lausanne-based Biospectal raised CHF5.3M Seed round in July. Biospectal is making instant, ubiquitous, and accurate remote blood pressure monitoring and management a reality. With a touch of the finger to a smartphone camera, anyone can transform their phone into a medical grade blood pressure monitoring solution – any time, anywhere.

SICTIC portfolio company Doryhealth AG raised an undisclosed Seed round this April. Doryhealth’s solutions are addressing problems concerning chronically ill patients who need to manage multiple prescriptions, from multiple physicians and manage the intakes and refills in a consistent and accurate way. Doryhealth’s solutions consist of four parts: a smart pillbox with presorted medication, a medication delivery service, a health app and data analytics that can be collected and shared with the patient’s physicians to enable a more data-driven treatment approach. 

Another SICTIC portfolio company Check Your Health raised an undisclosed Seed round this June. They address problems surrounding health testing with solutions that transform the way people engage with their health offering. With convenient “Do it yourself” (DIY) at-home, laboratory tests in a number of areas including women’s health.

With all the good traction and investments we see in this space, we expect 2021 to be another great year for healthtech!

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Written by:

Tanya Fröhlich

COO, Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC)