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Next Roadshow November 17th
Program Duration 9 months
March 17, 2021

Improving Health and Increasing Happiness, Tech4Eva partners with Joyance Partners

Tech4Eva is pleased to share the new partnership with Joyance Partners that will join the program supporting the development of the participating companies and early-stage projects. 

Focused on emerging science, Joyance Partners sees great potential in the use of technology for better health and increased happiness. They support companies that aim at expanding and improving the human experience. Specifically, Joyance Partners is the first venture fund to support companies that deliver science-derived Delightful Moments, which represent those aspects of our daily life, during which we feel strong, calm and joyful. 

Joyance Partners envisions progress in all aspects of women’s health, starting from adolescents and continuing well after menopause, which is why they plan to focus on Femtech as a primary investment area. They have already supported companies in several fields related to Femtech, such as Embr Labs, She’s Well, Rosy, Dame, and BioAesthetics

Femtech is still a little known and unexplored eco-system. Joyance Partners sees challenges related to both public and private reimbursement policies which could support the Femtech start-ups. They also believe the EU will need to overcome cybersecurity challenges for this field to expand. 

Nevertheless, Emi Gonzalez, Senior Principal, of Joyance Partners sees great opportunities in the future of Femtech and is ready “to support companies early in their innovation cycle to drive the best concepts forward and move the needle in advancing Femtech across the globe”.