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May 10, 2023

Introducing HEALTHY-LONGER: Rethinking Mental Health Through Neuro-Nutrition

As recent research confirms that mental health is linked to metabolic health, HEALTHY-LONGER has developed and validated the first neuro-metabolic assessment and neuro-nutritional intervention addressing the root cause of mental health vulnerability and disorders – neuro-nutrient deficiencies. The technology is intended to be the first metabolic neuro-biomarker-based diagnostic tool in mental health. 

Last year, Healthy-Longer was among the 25 winners of the MassChallenge global acceleration program, for which more than 1100 start-ups applied. Just recently, Healthy-Longer was nominated as one of four European start-ups by Vitafoods, the world's largest platform of the nutraceutical industry, and won the price of the "Most Innovative Digital Solution Supporting the Nutraceutical Industry." 

"Don't invest in the idea; invest in the team."

You may ask yourself, who is at the origin of Healthy-Longer? Joanna Ledunger is the Co-Founder of HEALTHY-LONGER, a company that's bringing the health industry to the next step with the help of data and software.

With an MBA in business from Warwick Business School, Joanna has been a successful tech leader for years, leading teams in Europe and Asia while working at Ericsson, the Swedish mobile network company. Later, she moved to Switzerland to continue her technology and risk management career at SwissRe.

However, Joanna's passion for improving health through data and software took over about five years ago. She decided to pivot her career and pursue her passion, which led her to study genetics and genomics at Stanford School of Medicine. As of today, she is preparing to become a certified Nutritional and PsychologicalCounsellor and plans to complete her certification this summer. 

Joanna's Co-Founder, Roland Pfeuti, also has an exciting story to share. He left a successful finance and private equity career to join her in building the company just two years ago. Together, Joanna and Roland, with their two other team members, have made a fantastic group of partners and expert advisors to support them in their mission. With their expertise, HEALTHY-LONGER is set to change the game in the mental health industry.

Neuro-nutrition – a game-changer for mental health 

When it comes to heart problems, various diagnostic tools are available, from EKGs to ultrasounds. But in the world of mental health, it's often reduced to just a questionnaire, which is no longer acceptable. 

Joanna and Roland have brought positive change by discovering that neuro-nutrition can be a game-changer for mental health. After witnessing two young boys in their family successfully treated with neuro-nutrition, they founded HEALTHY-LONGER believing that nutrient deficiencies are a major underlying cause of mental vulnerability and disorders.

With the brain consuming up to 40% of nutrients and energy, focusing on neuro-metabolism and neuro-nutrition is an innovative approach to revolutionizing how we think about, diagnose, and treat mental disorders. 

Joanna and Roland have developed what they believe is the first neuro-metabolic assessment and intervention. By analyzing mental health symptoms and biochemical pathways of important neuro-biomarkers in four dried urine probes for neuro-nutrient deficiencies, they provide personalized neuro-nutritional recommendations from foods available in most grocery stores. Moreover, they are modulating up or down neuro-biomarkers that are out of optimal range and connecting subjective experiences with biochemical data and analytics. This way, they can understand if an individual suffers from stress, anxiety, depression, or a combination of those different issues.

HEALTHY-LONGER’s products and services have evolved over time. Today, they plan to use AI to make their questionnaire and analytics "smart" enough to connect answers directly to mental health profiles and recommend nutritional interventions without urine sampling. HEALTHY-LONGER is not only addressing mental health issues but selling a service that embodies its core values of professionalism, honesty, diversity commitment, and sustainability, which makes the product and service unique. 

Who can benefit from this product and service? 

Shockingly, almost 40% of the population experiences mental health issues each year. In response, HEALTHY-LONGER is dedicated to providing effective and lasting solutions to people with mild or moderate symptoms such as stress, burn-out, depression, sleep problems, anxiety, addiction, lack of energy, and self-regulation issues. Unfortunately, despite the high prevalence of mental health issues, only 25% of those affected seek help, and even fewer(less than 10%) see long-term improvements. HEALTHY-LONGER aims to address the needs of millions of people by focusing on the wellness market. Once it becomes a qualified diagnostic tool, it can expand to the medical market. 

Mental health - a whole industry

According to Joanna, the current mental health system needs a profound upgrade in terms of capabilities and capacity to meet the challenges of today's population. Indeed, while the effectiveness of currently available pharmacological treatments is low, the connection between mental health and nutrition has largely been ignored.

Yet there is innovation on many fronts. In recent years, innovative start-ups offering digital mental health services have emerged, and corporations are taking a closer look at the mental health of their employees. Besides, new digital diagnostic and therapeutic solutions are also being introduced.

However, Joanna and her team believe much more must be done. The mental health sector needs fresh perspectives, new skills, and innovative thinkers who can challenge the status quo. Mental health problems aren't going away, and in our increasingly pleasure-seeking and lonely society, they're likely to become even more prevalent.

Joanna's ending word: Women and financing 

Women must be more represented in venture funds. As Joanna expressed, it is unfortunate that many excellent projects do not receive the necessary funding due to gender disparities. Despite the fact that 30% of all entrepreneurs are women, they only receive 2% of the financing. However, studies have shown that start-ups with female founders are less likely to fail and generate higher revenues, and organizations with more women have better returns on equity. Moreover, the Nobel committees have also recognized the importance of gender diversity, as having more women in their committees has resulted in more female Nobel Prize nominees and winners.

Healthy-Longer and Tech4Eva

“Being in the Tech4Eva program will help in building connections with the Femtech world and Tech4Eva's partners as validate our go-to-market strategy.” The technology of HEALTHY-LONGER can improve the quality of life of millions of people. Their product is available online Follow us for more content! 

Website : https://healthy-longer.com

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/77067908/admin/

Product : www.healthy-longer.com/order