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Lighting the Path to Motherhood: The Revolutionary LumaWomb story

LumaWomb is the first of its kind, bridging the gap between a holistic approach and medical scientifically driven fertility assistance. LumaWomb therapy is there to prepare and make the womb ready to be receptive to the embryo and able to promote its implantation and growth. Read more below about the journey of the Founder and her search for a solution.

Loanna Haseltine- Founder of LumaWomb

Loanna grew up in the Alaskan bush. She came to Paris, France to study Haute Couture at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndical. When she could not get hired in a paid position in one of the Couture houses just after her studies, she started making clothes for local fashion boutiques which immediately got picked up in top fashion magazines and international newspapers and suddenly bloomed into her own brand at the age of 22. Later in her career she enjoyed the pleasure of working with artists in the music industry collaborating as the style director on their albums and media images. She made her life in Paris, getting married, and tried to have a family. She believed that her experience of growing up in the Alaskan wilderness gave her the tools for being successful as an entrepreneur. When you live in a place where there are no stores and your neighbors are miles away you learn to make do with what you have available. "When you flourish in that sort of environment you gain confidence about life and your surroundings. Your approach to the world becomes a belief that you always have everything you need within your reach. Even if sometimes it is not obvious."

When trying to become a mother, she realized that her doctors could not solve her problem of a too-thin endometrium and the door to being a mother seemed to close forever. She decided to try finding a solution. She could not believe that 14% of women who are being treated with infertility have this problem and no one is treating it effectively. She knew a cure must be out there. And when she could not find one, she looked into the underlying problem- which put her on the road to finally finding a solution.

She is not a scientist or a doctor but she studied this problem probably more than most of those. She read over 400 research publications understanding this infertility issue while looking for a solution. She refused to believe that it could not be treated. Somewhere along the way she realized that by the time she got this treatment on the market it might very well be too late for her to make use of it. But that did not matter to her. There are too many couples that can benefit from this therapy to be so short sighted.

What she lacked in scientific background she made up for in determination and tenacity to doing what it takes to get this low-cost, natural, non-chemical treatment out there so that couples who otherwise will not be parents, can be. "For some reason God chose me to have this idea instead of someone with a medical or scientific background and so I am doing my best by working every day so that this therapy sees the light of day."

LumaWomb Team

She found many amazing professionals whom have come onboard to help in this dream. She believes this whole experience has been a great blessing and she hopes very soon also to those who can be treated. Though her loss there can be victory a million times over. And that gives her all the encouragement she needs to keep fighting the good fight.

Her team members and advisors who joined her on this journey bring a sincere desire to help those with fertility problems. Many have worked pro-bono and invested so much to see this treatment become available- which one would not expect in the normal business world. These exceptional people who just happen to be top experts in their field really believe in the impact that this therapy can make on lives. And the bonus is Loanna has made lifelong friends that have come by way of LumaWomb.

How LumaWomb works

LumaWomb therapy is there to prepare and make the womb ready to be receptive to the embryo and able to promote its implantation and growth.

LumaWomb is both a device and a photodynamic therapy protocol using NIR light. The combination of the treatment cycles and the dose of light increase circulation so that inflammation is decreased, allowing the body to heal itself and return to producing normal healthy cells again and the natural proliferation cycle for the endometrial cells needed in the womb for implantation.

Comparative solutions

Doctors have tried many different approaches which have had minimal success. The best and most widely used treatment is prescribing supplementary estrogen. This generally only helps patients which already have low estrogens levels. Other treatments have included vasodilatory medications such as aspirin, female Viagra suppositories, a combination of vitamin E tocopherol and Sulfate of Terbutaline (a Bronchodilator drug used for asthma patients), vitamin C- to name a few, and finally supplanting stem cells into the womb or using hyaluronic acid to “glue” the fertilized embryo to the womb during IVF. These treatments have achieved no real effect in most patients.

LumaWomb is the first of its kind, bridging the gap between a holistic approach and medical scientifically driven fertility assistance. LumaWomb can help at any stage in the baby-making process. As a first-line booster therapy to help patients just starting out and trying to have a baby naturally, during artificial insemination, and during invitro procedures.


The first stage of distribution will be B2B, providing the device on a rental basis with therapeutic training to gynecologists and fertility clinics in the US - a $28 billion market spent yearly on medical devices in this sector.

The assisted fertility process and technology has made very few advancements in the last 30 years when it comes to treating the patient. Most advances have come within the scope of handling the egg and spermatozoid in vitro after retrieval.

Where we have gotten so far

LumaWomb submitted their provisional patent for the LumaWomb device with the USPTO in July of 2017 and 2018.  Their findings were confirmed with the published invitro study by head researcher Abdelmegeed El Faham with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Nation Research Center Cairo Egypt which concluded that their therapy works and creates a proliferation of 4 times the original cell numbers. LumaWomb's first patent was published in May 2020 and their second patent in March 2023 for the device.

About the Tech4Eva program

Loanna says: Tech4Eva has been incredibly valuable. Firstly, by creating a close-knit microcosm of FemHealth start-up professionals and founders who are able to collaborate and support each other offering suggestions and solutions to roadblocks and difficulties that arise through the start-up process. The program has offered valuable workshops and mentored coaching sessions by trusted professionals in the areas of marketing, building awareness, reglementary processes, and introduction to investors and business angels. I feel honored to have been chosen among such an outstanding line-up of FemHealth start-ups and to have participated in the program. Tech4Eva in a continued effort to promote and give support to its start-ups, offer to its alumni conferences and paneled discussions which are a great advantage to LumaWomb’s growth. One has the confidence that the founding members of the program have their heart, and souls invested authentically in advancing the sphere of Women’s Health and also the success of the start-ups who have been chosen and taken part in their program.

Website: https://lumawomb.com/

Social Media Handle @LumaWomb