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MIM Fertility - When AI helps you become a parent

When AI helps you become a parent

After experiencing her challenges with infertility, Ula Sankowska, the current Co-CEO of MIM Fertility, teamed up with Piotr Wygocki to develop globally marketed technologies to address this issue affecting 1 in 6 individuals worldwide. Aware of the positive Impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on assisted reproduction, particularly in vitro fertilization procedures (IVF), MIM Fertility has incorporated AI into various aspects of the IVF process.

Through AI, MIM Fertility helps individuals achieve parenthood and considers individual factors such as medical history, genetics, and lifestyle to deliver personalized patient care. This integration of AI can provide a deeper understanding of critical factors involved in IVF procedures and offers better assistance for pre- and post-implantation treatments. While the team addresses ethical considerations related to AI-driven embryo selection, privacy issues, and equitable access to treatments, MIM Fertility has proven that it is possible to reduce the time and cost associated with fertility treatments, resulting in improved overall outcomes for their customers. Succeeding in building partnerships with IVF centers and clinics worldwide, the company got the support of WomenTechEU to support its innovative approach to fertility. 

About MIM Fertility

MIM Fertility aims to provide clinicians with the most efficient and safest machine learning technology, remaining at the forefront of scientific research in this field. The team builds AI models and algorithms that help fertility clinics predict and recommend treatments for patients, helping them achieve successful pregnancies. 

Infertility's Impact on the overall quality of Life 

Fertility disorders, affecting both males and females, have consequences beyond the ability to conceive. The emotional, physical, social, and financial Impact of infertility can be substantial, leading to stress, anxiety, depression, strained relationships, and feelings of isolation, to name a few. Moreover, medical interventions can be invasive and costly, further exacerbating the challenges individuals and couples face. It is time to make the IVF process more efficient to help individuals become parents. This is what MIM Fertility aims for.

One company - 2 solutions 

MIM Fertility has developed two software tools to improve fertility treatments. The first one, EMBRYOAID, assists embryologists in selecting the most viable embryos for implantation by learning from their developmental patterns. By doing so, EMBRYOAID increases couples' fertility rates while also being a cost-effective solution that reduces the need for multiple IVF cycles. MIM's team managed to do so by keeping a transparent approach and collaborating with clinics to conduct tests.

The second software developed is FOLLISCAN, an AI/ML platform designed to identify and measure follicles during ultrasound scans. This technology improves female fertility diagnosis by automating tasks and providing specialized knowledge to medical staff. FOLLISCAN differentiates itself from its competitors through its compatibility with any ultrasonographic machine, whether 2D or 3D. MIM Fertility enables more precise embryo selection and rapid assessment of follicles.

MIM Fertility - is on its way to transforming the lives of many 

MIM Fertility is currently making waves in the IVF market by offering its AI-based solutions to IVF centers and clinics worldwide. However, before they could do so, they needed to establish trust within the IVF community by conducting extensive research and development. As they commit to delivering quality, Ula and Piotr always ensure their AI solutions' accuracy, reliability, and alignment with the specific needs of infertility patients. Additionally, they actively fostered relationships and maintain open communication with the IVF community, particularly infertility doctors. These efforts have paid off, as MIM has partnered with 15 IVF clinics since the beginning of 2023, helping individuals realize their dream of having a child. MIM successfully fulfills its mission of empowering clinics, positively influencing doctors' decision-making processes, and ultimately improving patient treatment. They strive for excellence and cultivate a positive and inclusive culture.

Tech4Eva - accelerating the change 

Ula and Piotr aim to keep the trust and confidence of the IVF community as it is a crucial step into moving forward. As part of their strategic plan, they intend to conduct Controlled Market Research in innovative IVF clinics worldwide while benefiting from the mentorship and networking opportunities byTech4Eva. Their focus is not only on increasing brand visibility and promoting their products to the community but also on emphasizing how AI can complement the expertise of doctors rather than replace them. With their global aspirations in mind, the team actively seeks investment opportunities. Finally, MIM Fertility places great importance on cultivating solid partnerships and fostering meaningful connections, recognizing that these efforts will be instrumental in their future expansion and upcoming opportunities.

Words of advice from co-founder

Ula Sankowska "Let go of limiting beliefs, seek expert guidance, and have unwavering faith in your abilities. By adopting this mindset, you can approach your career in the industry with confidence, resilience, and a determination to overcome challenges and achieve success."

About Ula Sankowska

Ula Sankowska is an economist with a diverse educational background, having graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and University College Dublin. She receives prestigious scholarships from the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Irish Government. Her 15 years of experience in business and government and passion for technological advancements arose during her search for solutions in the IVF industry led her to integrate cutting-edge technological solutions into her work at MIM Fertility. She is responsible for business strategy, marketing, and customer relations. Her expertise, combined with her dedication to leveraging technology for positive change.

About Piotr Wygocki

Researcher and Innovator, Co-Founder of MIM Fertility.  A graduate of the University of Warsaw, a PhD in computer science with a double master's degree in computer science and mathematics. Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw. Experienced expert in both theoretical and commercial aspects of computer science. Winner of the Kaggle offline competition during Kaggle Days Warsaw 2018. Outstanding specialist in artificial intelligence solutions in reproductive health.

More info: https://www.mimfertility.ai/

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