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June 7, 2023

NuroKor’s Femtech Data-Driven Approach to Improve Menstrual Health 

A bioelectronics firm addressing the gender gap in healthcare

Aware of the alarming magnitude of the gender health gap, Chloe and Rick needed to be part of the solution. They founded NeuroKor Femtech to bridge the divide that stems from physiological differences, societal inequality, and disadvantage through data-driven technologies. Their goal is to provide effective, drug-free, and non-invasive treatments for female health conditions.

Knowing that endometriosis has the same prevalence as diabetes, people must walk the talk and offer solutions to the millions of women and girls affected by painful conditions. With the help of experts from medicine, science, technology, and creative disciplines, NuroKor Femtech addresses the lack of effective treatments or options available, thus changing the future of female health. Through Mihna, the team is developing the world's next-generation menstrual health solution. It has already helped thousands of individuals enhance their wellbeing without requiring invasive procedures or medication. 

Mihna is the new normal. 

While the team aspires to enhance various aspects of women's health, their initial emphasis is menstrual wellbeing. Regrettably, existing treatments often fall short for many women, leaving them with painkillers, NSAIDs as well as their side effects. Women are constrained to live with their conditions or rely on solutions that are ineffective half the time. Opposite to what is commonly accepted, Nurokor's team does not consider suffering from menstrual pain as "normal." By creating Mihna, they give every person who menstruates personalized drug-free therapy through therapeutic electrical currents. This way, soft tissue symptoms like cramps and period pain are targeted at their source, which prevents pain from escalating. By integrating AI and machine learning into its solution, customers can benefit from treatments anytime through a compact wearable device and monitor according to their needs via the Mihna mobile app. 

Surfing on the actual trends of a shift towards personalized and consumer-centric healthcare with the help of digital transformation and data-driven solutions, Nurokor Femtech is taking responsibility for women's health issues. However, the actual pace of tackling the gender gap is still too slow, and the development of innovative solutions for female health also needs to be met with better responsibility at the corporate and policy level for new technologies to be leveraged in a meaningful way.

A path strewn with pitfalls and successes 

Such as many of the companies in the Femtech industry, Nurokor has faced the significant challenges of accessing funding across all stages and rounds. Although 70% of the Femtech companies have at least one female founder, statistics keep on illustrating the reality of the gender gap in funding. Indeed, according to the start-up index 100, start-ups with men are 6.2 times more likely to get adequate financing in 2023. 

Profoundly engaged in reducing the gender gap in healthcare but also in financial opportunities, Nurokor's team is taking proactive measures to raise awareness about the potential of Femtech, highlighting the commercial opportunities to investors. 

Efforts are worth the prizes

The proactive mindset of the team, coupled with their innovative technology, has allowed the team to achieve significant milestones. Indeed, with Mihna, the team has secured the second position for the UK in the "She Loves Tech 2021 awards". Additionally, TechRound recognized Nurokor Femtech as one of the "Top 44 most innovative Femtech companies", further validating their impact on the industry. Recently, they also won sponsorship from Guidea, a group of esteemed experts in Femtech user experience (UX). Theresa Neil, CEO of Guidea happens to be one of the Tech4Eva mentors since 2023. Their support will be vital in developing the Mihna app and Mihna Community, integral components that will make Mihna a unique solution for women.

About joining the Tech4Eva program

Lastly, being part of the Tech4Eva 2023 Cohort is an unusual step offering them increased visibility and opportunities to accelerate their impact in the Femtech space further, thus connecting with partners and investors. By the end of the program, Nurokor Femtech hopes to refine its business model and optimize its revenue models and go-to-market strategy to ensure Mihna is accessible to the various demographics of potential users worldwide.

Co-founders Rick Rowan and Chloe Stockwell-Clark’s piece of advice: "Find people who share your passion for a particular area and focus on how you can make a difference. There will be highs and lows, but don't forget to be a cheerleader for your team and others in the Femtech space." 

Website: www.mihna.co.uk

Instagram: @mihna_health