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Next Roadshow November 17th
Program Duration 9 months
June 8, 2021

Overcoming barriers, taboos and lazy mindsets. The Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom joins Tech4Eva.

Tech4Eva keeps expanding its worldwide partnerships, joining forces with the Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom and the Swissnex team.

The Embassy’s Swissnex team is part of the Swiss global network connecting Switzerland and the world in education, research and innovation. Their mission is to support the outreach and active engagement of their partners (including start-ups) in the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent.

The Embassy’s Swissnex team is joining Tech4Eva as a program partner to support the increasing pace of innovation in female health solution and help connect innovators with the growing UK FemTech ecosystem. The UK is at an inflection point for FemTech, with the health system, start-ups and the government working together to push the topic up the agenda. A notable example of this alignment is the first national Women’s Health Strategy, the critical mass of successful UK FemTech start-ups and Bayer’s acquisition of UK-based KaNDy Therapeutics to further expand the drug development pipeline in women’s healthcare.

The UK also exemplifies the value of data-based personalized medicine in moving the sector forward, and this is the moment to seize the opportunity and ensure that the knowledge for the next-generation of FemTech is adequately explored.

The Embassy’s Swissnex team is confident that the Tech4Eva accelerator program will help disruptive FemTech  start-ups get closer to the UK ecosystem.Their goal is to get these start-ups inspired along the way and discover the UK market’s trends and opportunities.

To be provocative, our goal would be to help FemTech make itself obsolete in ten years’ time, because that would mean that the many barriers, taboos and lazy mindsets have been overcome and the health and wellbeing of half the population are properly and innovatively cared for!”, Lutz-Peter Berg, Head of Science & Innovation (UK, Ireland, Nordic Countries) at the Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom.