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Overcoming Barriers to Improve Women’s Health

Supporting women at every stage of her life

Roche is committed to making an impact in women’s health. Their goal is to address unmet needs and advance innovations so that every woman benefits from tailored and equitable healthcare across all stages of her life.

Working across pharma and diagnostics, along with expertise in clinical and real-world data and insights, Roche is uniquely positioned to share their understanding of women’s health issues, capturing nuances by geography, age, ethnicity, socioeconomics and more, to better tailor the care they provide to women worldwide. In order to truly deliver lasting change that improves healthcare outcomes for women, Roche is also working well beyond the innovative diagnostics and medicines they offer.

A worldwide transformation in women’s health

XProject is Roche’s long-term global commitment to identify and remove the most critical barriers so women can fully and equitably access the healthcare system, improving health outcomes for women everywhere. Through partnerships, initiatives and communication, they are aiming to drive meaningful change and address the fundamental inequities that exist within health systems that have a detrimental effect on the diagnoses, treatment and care that women receive. Creating a future where women have equal opportunities to access the right information, the right diagnosis and the right treatment - when and where they need it - will close the gaps in women’s health and ultimately lead to better health outcomes for everyone.

Roche believes that evolving the healthcare system to better serve every woman begins with listening to women’s voices. XProject has created a platform to collect and amplify women’s unique stories to help drive change. Through #MyStoryForChange, women can share their own experience, challenge or hurdle they have faced throughout their health journey. By putting women’s health and voices in the spotlight they can challenge and elevate the equity agenda and work alongside partners to find long-term systemic solutions to shape the future of healthcare for women.

The role of technology in advancing women’s health

Transforming healthcare for women requires a seismic shift that cannot be tackled alone. Roche is working with partners across industries to combine knowledge and expertise in order to overcome barriers and address inequities so that women have greater access to healthcare in the future. These partnerships are critical to encouraging innovation through diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences that come together to find solutions that make a real difference for women.

Technology has the potential to revolutionise the way they collect, analyse and apply learnings in healthcare, enabling sex and gender-based insights that lead to a better understanding of women’s needs. These insights, along with innovations that focus on women’s health, can play a role in improving prevention and management of conditions that predominantly or differently affect women and lead to a more tailored approach to healthcare.

Collaboration with start-ups

Healthcare is a prominent industry for the implementation of digital solutions. It is also a highly regulated and complex industry, which can create barriers for many technology start-ups aiming to deliver innovation. Roche’s Digital InnoLAB is their innovation platform that allows experts from diverse backgrounds to work with Roche and the external ecosystem to augment early-stage digital health innovations. The Digital InnoLAB operates globally with a strong focus on women's health by amplifying the women's health innovation ecosystem and leveraging Roche's network of partners like academia, hospitals, acceleration programs, technology partners, and corporates.

Through the Digital InnoLAB, Roche works with start-ups in a flexible way that depends on the specific needs of the startup and the potential synergies with Roche. For example, they partner with start-ups and support them by providing resources and expertise to help them develop their technologies or products. It is also possible that Roche invests in startups with innovative technologies or products that could complement their existing business, or acquires startups that have developed promising solutions that could help strengthen their portfolio and deliver outcomes to patients.

Across Roche, they work with an ecosystem of partners to accelerate the development and deployment of healthcare solutions leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies. Roche believes in the power of technology and its role in improving outcomes for women, and value partnerships with organisations such as Tech4Eva, to advance innovations that benefit women’s health.

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