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Program Duration 9 months
December 6, 2023

Tech4Eva Conference 2023 - The Recap

It’s a wrap of the 2023 Tech4Eva program and its 3rd annual hybrid conference which took place on November 30th once again to celebrate the founders who revolutionize women's healthcare with their solutions. The conference brought together 400 stakeholders including corporate experts, entrepreneurs, innovators, academic researchers, as well as ecosystem builders to discuss the future of women’s health. It was fantastic to connect with some of the founders in person and to see so many of you gathered online from around the world.

In the heart of Switzerland's innovation hub, the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, the Tech4Eva conference unfolded as a beacon of hope, illuminating the potential of technology in shaping the future of women's health. The event kicked off with warm welcomes from Lan Zuo Gillet and Jerome Mariethoz, emphasizing the importance of Tech4Eva in driving innovation for women's health.

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EVA emerged as a pioneering program, marking an important change for women's health. Lisa Falco, Zühlke Group's Lead Consultant for AI & Data, took the stage, presenting the fascinating story of EVA. Her presentation shed light on the significant influence that solutions can have on addressing various parts of women's health requirements.

"As we embark on the journey of women's health, let us discard the notion that women are merely small men with pesky hormones. Our uniqueness, shaped by the dance of estrogen and progesterone, deserves tailored solutions. EVA, alongside innovative companions, represents a collaborative symphony addressing the diverse dimensions of women's well-being. Let us unite in reshaping the narrative, embracing our physiological intricacies with pride and purpose." - Lisa Falco

The Inception of EVA: A Comprehensive View of Women's Well-Being

The story of EVA unfolded in chapters, detailing its journey through the innovative solutions demonstrated by Tech4Eva. This story was more than just a technology story; it represented a holistic approach to menstruation health, childbirth, prevention, the menopausal transition, and overall well-being. EVA's story highlighted the complex tapestry of women's healthcare demands.

EVA in Action: Beyond Menstrual Health

In the realm of menstrual health, EVA showcased the groundbreaking work of Egal Pads and Wild AI. These solutions aren't just products; they represent a paradigm shift in addressing menstrual health challenges, offering not only comfort and reliability but also fostering a positive menstrual experience.

Motherhood Redefined: Aspivix, Proov, and Malaica

As the narrative unfolded, EVA delved into the area of motherhood, featuring Aspivix, Proov, and Malaica. These solutions redefined the maternal journey, introducing innovations that impact not just the physical aspects but also the emotional and psychological wellbeing of mothers.

Prevention Pioneers: Predilife and Palpa

EVA further explored the topic of prevention, where Predilife and Palpa emerged as pioneers. These solutions exemplify the power of proactive healthcare, offering insights and diagnostics that empower women to take charge of their health, foresee potential challenges, and take preventive measures.

Navigating the Menopausal Transition: Embr Labs and Ru Medical

In addressing the menopausal transition, EVA brought forward Embr Labs and Ru Medical. These solutions go beyond traditional approaches, providing support through their wearables that enhance the quality of life during a significant life stage, embracing technology to make menopause a more manageable and informed experience.

Embracing Aging Gracefully: Healthy Longer

Finally, EVA turned its lens to healthy aging and wellbeing, with Roland Pfeuti of Healthy Longer taking the stage. This solution not only acknowledges the inevitability of aging but celebrates it, introducing innovations that promote health, vitality, and wellbeing as women traverse the journey of life.

Panel Discussion: Joining Forces for Women's Health in Switzerland

The Femtech conference's panel discussion provided a dynamic forum for industry experts to delve into critical aspects of women's health innovation.

Heike Dorninger, a healthcare specialist at the Boston Consulting Group, emphasized the concentrated focus on pregnancy and fertility within the Femtech space. She aptly noted, "It's clearly a very important phase in a woman's life," acknowledging its positive connotation and commercial appeal for startups. Dorninger urged a broader perspective, stating, "It's also equally important to really take a broad approach and cover the whole lifespan."

Jerome Mariethoz of Tech4Eva echoed this sentiment, recognizing pregnancy as a pivotal life moment but cautioning against treating it as an illness. He highlighted their collaboration with Philips to enhance the pregnancy experience and extend support into the pre-pregnancy phase through Doula services, creating a holistic Femtech experience. Mariethoz emphasized, "If you go to the real deep pain and the simple common problem women and couples have in those processes, you get rewarded."

Raymon uit de Bulten, representing Philips, shared insights into the success of their pregnancy app. He emphasized the app's balance between health and engagement, its holistic approach covering nutrition, mental health, and physical activity. He also underlined the app's inclusivity, stating, "We very strongly support the LGBTQ Plus community. We look at single moms, we look at same-sex couples, and we cater to the entire need." Regarding the app's development, he mentioned, "It wasn't an overnight success."

The discussion steered toward the startup ecosystem, with Raymon uit de Bulten offering valuable advice. He stressed the significance of a tech-driven approach, collaboration, and the need to address evolving business models within Femtech. Encouraging startups to create accessible solutions, he underscored the importance of partnerships, saying, "So much more to women's health still needs to progress." He also highlighted the challenge, "Because it's so highly regulated to move into it, having to deal with reimbursement pathways, having to deal with existing EMR systems. That's really complicated."

The Femtech panel discussion concluded with a unified vision for the industry—balancing focused solutions for pivotal life stages with a commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and ongoing collaboration.

Tech4Eva Showcase

The Tech4Eva Conference showcased its innovative start-ups dedicated to women's health. The first group, including Manina Medtech, MIM Solutions, NuroKor Femtech, Samphire Neuroscience, Wake up Pelvic, Hale, and Beyond Genomix, presented their cutting-edge solutions. Following this, the second group, featuring Adira Health, LumaWomb, Neuraura, Hyivy, Intignus Biotech, SelfCerve, and Care Mother, further enriched the event with their transformative presentations.

More information on the 20 solutions can be found on the website: https://www.tech4eva.ch/startups

In the culmination of the Tech4Eva conference, EVA emerges as a transformative force, weaving a narrative that transcends traditional healthcare. A symbol of innovation and collaboration, EVA embodies a collective commitment to redefine women's health. The panel discussion reinforces the power of strategic alliances. As the event concludes, it leaves an indelible mark—a promise of a future where EVA and collaborative efforts drive unprecedented advancements in women's wellbeing.

Check out the photos from the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1GEWbghUpctmyRPm8