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December 11, 2023

WakeUp Pelvic: Helping patients to achieve their pelvic floor physiotherapy goals

In the intricate tapestry of women's health, one often overlooked issue is pelvic floor dysfunction. A prevalent issue affecting one in three women, this silent struggle encompasses challenges such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapses, and chronic discomfort. These issues transcend age, affecting women across various stages of life, from childbirth to ageing. The awakening to the profound impact on daily lives andmental wellbeing has given rise to innovative solutions, with WakeUp Pelvic at the forefront.

 Meet the Visionaries Behind WakeUp Pelvic

At the helm of this groundbreaking start-up is Ieva Paludneviciute, a former legal professional turned advocate for women's health. Ieva's journey began with a personal connection — her cousin's battle with urinary incontinence post-childbirth. Fueled by curiosity, she delved into the statistics, discovering the staggering prevalence of pelvic floor issues. This revelation prompted Ieva to join forces with Hannah Meier, a dedicated pelvic floor physiotherapist. Together, they forged WakeUp Pelvic, driven by a shared mission to revolutionize pelvic health.

Ieva says: WakeUp Pelvic is not just a start-up project for me; it is my commitment to improve the lives of countless women facing pelvic health challenges

The Mission of WakeUp Pelvic

WakeUp Pelvic's mission is clear: to elevate pelvic floor physiotherapy as the premier solution for women grappling with pelvic floor dysfunction. Recognizing the pivotal role of physiotherapy in addressing these issues comprehensively, the start-up has pioneered a patient-centric digital solution. This innovative approach not only simplifies exercise prescriptions but also prioritizes patient compliance, making there habilitation journey more engaging and effective. What sets their technology apart is its focus on improving patient compliance and making the whole exercise experience more enjoyable. Simultaneously, it eases the workload for physiotherapists through a simple and user-friendly interface. Looking ahead their mission is to spread awareness about the effectiveness of physiotherapy intreating pelvic floor issues. Ultimately, they want to encourage more women to seek help from physiotherapists in tackling this problem.

Unveiling the Innovative App

At the heart of WakeUp Pelvic's solution is its revolutionary app, designed to redefine pelvic floor physiotherapy. By streamlining exercise prescriptions and enhancing patient engagement, the app empowers individuals to adhere to their routines and monitor progress effortlessly. The focus extends beyond patients to physiotherapists, offering them a user-friendly interface that caters to their unique needs in supporting patients.

The Evolution of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

The landscape of pelvic floor rehabilitation is undergoing a transformative shift. No longer relegated to the sidelines, these issues are taking center stage in discussions about women's health. WakeUpPelvic recognizes this shift as a change in mindset — a commitment to addressing long-overlooked women's health issues. With approximately one-third of European women dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction, the need for accessible care and information has never been more apparent.

The future holds promise for increased accessibility, heightened awareness, and a holistic approach to pelvic floor health. WakeUp Pelvic envisions an era where women proactively manage their wellbeing, fostering lives filled with confidence, strength, and vitality.

Tech4Eva: A Catalyst for Growth

The success story of WakeUp Pelvic is intertwined with the support received from Tech4Eva. The 9-months program provided a structured and flexible platform for the start-up to concentrate on its vision.

“The caliber of coaches and the monthly sessions proved invaluable, offering expert guidance and seniority to navigate the challenges of growth. Peer2peer sessions facilitated collaboration and collective problem-solving, creating an environment perfectly aligned with the dynamic needs of a start-up. Tech4Eva has been a supportive and collaborative environment that perfectly aligns with the pace and needs of a start-up like ours.” Says Ieva Paludneviciute

In conclusion, WakeUp Pelvic stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of pelvic floor dysfunction.Through innovation, dedication, and collaboration, Ieva Paludneviciute and her team are paving the way for a future where women reclaim control of their pelvic health, embracing lives of resilience and wellbeing. 

More info:

➡️Website  https://wakeuppelvic.com/

➡️ Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/wakeup-pelvic