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October 26, 2022

Wild AI - The App for Active Women

Helene Guillaume, Founder & CEO of WILD.AI

Helene is a data scientist who previously worked as a hedge fund quant and consultant for Fortune 500 companies as well as being a triathlete and ice swimmer.

Helene Guillaume, Founder & CEO of WILD.AI

Wild.AI came out of a personal need. In fact, it was frustrating that some days she could perform well and the week after she was flat out, and she couldn’t achieve the same thing. She couldn’t accept it for herself, and she couldn’t accept it for other women. She needed to figure out why.

This is how Wild.AI was born, the need to understand her own female physiology and help women to understand theirs. The female body is not this black box that’s impossible to understand. Through tracking our hormones, we can better understand our patterns and physiology to then adjust our training, eating and recovery to optimize the capabilities of the female body.

About Wild.AI

Wild.AI is the performance platform for women. Helping to optimize their performance by providing personalized recommendations on how to train, fuel and recover around their life stages. Wild.AI caters to a variety of life stages. Wild.AI not only empowers female performance in sports, it also helps women understand their physiology and allow them to use it to their advantage. They are helping women to understand the change their bodies are going through, and they help to mitigate symptoms to empower them as athletes.

Furthermore, the start-up helps improving women’s lives by tailoring exercise routines to cycles and life stages which really allows a woman much more freedom in exercising, keeping fit and feeling good about themselves. They are helping to harness their hormones rather than letting them take control. Period pain is not normal, and they have changed that for many women - women have learned to appreciate their cycles and health and not feel negative about it. Currently they cater to a variety of life stages – not only do they work with women going through menstrual cycles, or who are on birth control, but they also cater to those in perimenopause and menopause.

Julia Mayer, Austrian Pro Runner said: “Wild.AI gives me confidence in myself and my body because I can see in black and white in what phase of my cycle I am in and what I need to watch out for. I have regained the feeling for my body, and I am stronger than ever.”

Challenges and Wild.AI’s achievements:

It’s really two-fold, there’s an educational piece - educating women and coaches that training around life stages is key to improving performance as well as mitigating symptoms and injuries, and then It’s about getting your brand out there and letting them know that Wild.AI is here to support them. A real challenge is getting the narrative right - period power is a thing, they celebrate it, and they help women make their cycle their advantage.

With only 6% of sports science research conducted exclusively on women, one of their biggest achievements is the cutting-edge research they are conducting with their research partners in order to push this forward.  In addition to their research, they are also the first data-driven company providing personalised and adaptive recommendations for women across 3 life stages -menstrual cycle, perimenopause, and menopause.

Tech4Eva’s program:

The Tech4Eva program has been extremely useful for them - the connections to mentors are extremely valuable, particularly for industry insights. There are so many opportunities to gain helpful connections as well as learn from other start-ups.Tech4Eva has also provided the space to get feedback while practicing pitching (not many do this!), and its great there are so many events across the year to learn and gain from a range of topics.

Last but not least: what is the most important piece of advice you could give to anyone who wants to start a career in this industry?

I would say now is the best time to do it, so just go for it! Femtech is still so much in its infancy but that means that there is a lot of room for people to get involved. And the more the better! As the more conversations we have about female health and wellness the more other industries and society catches on to the importance of servicing 51% of the population that until now has not had much personalised support.

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